How Heartburn Treatment Makes for a Great Reality Television Show

How Heartburn Treatment Makes for a Great Reality Television Show


Nothing says romance like heartburn.  Okay, maybe it doesn’t warm the heart the same way love does, but just humor us for a minute.  It’s rare we can learn anything valuable from reality television, but that’s about to change right now.

Imagine if you will, a dating show like The Bachelorette in which a group of guys attempt to win the heart of the woman at the center of the series.  As you know, producers of these shows find ways to throw curveballs or unveil twists that shock contestants and audiences alike.  That’s what’s going to happen on our fake reality show that we’re creating just for this blog post.

Here’s the scenario:

The four remaining men are going to try one last time to sweep our lady (named Jennifer) off her feet.  She is waiting in a beautiful garden, surrounded by colorful flowers and free-flowing trees.  A quaint little dirt path will lead her suitors through the garden and right to the scenic spot she stands.

Little do they know when they talk to Jennifer this time, she will smile, take them by the hand, gaze into their eyes, take a deep breath, and say, “I have heartburn.”

They probably weren’t expecting that.

If they are going to win her over, they have to tell her how they think she should cure her problem.  Here are some answers that just might win her over:

Offering to cook her new things to eat
Food choices can definitely contribute to heartburn and acid reflux.  The size of meal portions can also be a significant factor.  So, our first contestant suggests cooking some smaller meals that won’t cause her problems.

When it comes to breakfast, they might want to leave out tomato or citrus juices to go with breakfast.  He will also suggest less soda and alcohol during lunch and dinner.  These meals likely won’t include spaghetti with marinara sauce, macaroni and cheese, oil based salad dressings, buffalo wings, ground beef or sour cream.  In fact, according to a recent study, a high-fiber diet could reduce her chances of acid reflux by 20 percent.

Make sure there’s more than “just dinner” to their dates
It would be beneficial to have more to do on an outing than just eat and fall asleep.  That’s because the moment she lies down, it becomes a lot easier for food to work its way up to her esophagus (LES muscles), instead of staying at the bottom of her stomach.  Also, offering her gum instead of peppermints will provide a valuable after-dinner choice that won’t contribute to acid reflux.

Go on adventurous dates and get exercise
Our third contestant could impress her with his smarts by telling her that the International Journal of Epidemiology found a strong link between the symptoms of GERD and weight gain.  He’s just very careful in how he words this and makes it more about adventurous dates (like hiking and rollerblading) than her current weight.

Take an interest in long term health
Our last contestant might just be the one.  After all, he takes an interest in Jennifer’s long-term health so that their relationship can be long, happy, and healthy.  He suggests visiting specialists at a heartburn and acid reflux center to find out if her condition might need more than just a simple remedy.

Fortunately you don’t need to be featured on a reality show to learn more about treating heartburn and acid reflux – you just had to read this blog.  You can also visit a place like Houston Heartburn & Reflux Center to learn even more about the severity of your ailments.