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Hi Dr. Darido

Hope you are keeping well. It’s been several weeks now since the Nissen procedure you performed on me just before Christmas. Everything is going great and I am back eating most foods. I still have to be careful with sticky breads and not quite ready to enjoy a steak yet! Carbonated drinks are also still off the menu as these blow me up (only small burps so no beer yet!)
I can still only manage fairly small meals as I fill up quickly. My weight has dropped to 190lb so about a 20lb loss since before the procedure. The weight loss leveled off after about 4 weeks following the procedure and has been fairly steady the past few weeks. I am back to normal activity levels and doing my favorite sport, Rowing. Overall I feel great and GERD symptoms have gone for the most part. The heartburn and cough symptoms have gone completely but occasionally I can be awakened by slight regurgitation during the night. This has happened maybe 4 or 5 times since the procedure. There is no heartburn or discomfort when this happens so I am thinking this could be due to my inability to have a good old burp and maybe food is still digesting while laid down causing a bit of gas build up? It’s not like before when the acid would burn. There is no more burning feeling at all and I am not concerned by it.



Houston heartburn and acid reflux experts cured my Acid Reflux. I am a 41 year- old male and was suffering with severe GERD symptoms. I was taking a high dose of PPI medications yet my symptoms were still not controlled and I was also suffering side effects of taking the PPI’s. It was time to find a GERD expert who could really help with this worsening condition. After searching for acid reflux specialists in the Houston area I came across Houston Heartburn and reflux Center where I made an appointment to see Dr. Elias Darido. During my appointments with Dr. Darido he always listened carefully to what I had to say and spent time to thoroughly explain the options available to me including testing, lifestyle changes, medications and surgical procedures for GERD. I had already made lifestyle changes (changing diet, eating times, etc) and I was on a high dose of PPI’s so I was considering surgery. Dr. Darido performed several thorough tests to ensure I was a good candidate for successful surgery and concluded a Nissen Fundoplication procedure was the way to go. I had the surgery 12/22/14 with no problems and was back home after a couple of days. I was back at work after a couple of weeks and back on a relatively normal diet after about 6 weeks. I feel great and very pleased with the results.
Thank you,