Comparison of Heartburn Treatments

 Nissen FundoplicationLINXTIF
Success RateExcellent*GoodLow
Normalization of Esophageal pH100%70%Low
InvasivenessMinimally InvasiveMinimally InvasiveNo Incisions
Hospital Stay1 Night1 NightOutpatient
Time Off WorkOne WeekOne WeekFew Days
Hiatal Hernia RepairYesYesNo
Dysphagia after ProcedureNoYesNo
Foreign ObjectsNoYesNo
DurabilityVery HighUnknownLow
Long-term ComplicationsVery LowDevice erosion, Esophageal dilation, persistent refluxRecurrent reflux
Short-term Complication rate< 1 %< 1 %< 1 %
Weight Loss4 to 15 PoundsVariableNone
ContraindicationsPrevious Stomach SurgeryLarge hiatal hernia,
Barrett's esophagus
Esophageal dysmotiliy
Previous stomach surgery
Large Hiatal Hernia

*The success rate of Nissen Fundoplication when performed by heartburn and acid reflux experts is very high reaching almost 100% at Houston Heartburn And Reflux Center.