Heartburn at Night: Food and Drinks to Avoid

Heartburn at Night: Food and Drinks to Avoid


The next time you get a late-night snack craving, it’s important to remember that while you may satisfy an appetite, you might also create an uncomfortable night of sleep.  Sure, there are some foods or drinks that might help you rest, but there are others that will cause you to take heartburn and acid reflux to bed with you.

Here some late night culinary companions that you should avoid:

While it’s widely believed that milk can help relieve heartburn, it can actually cause it or make it worse.  The cool feeling you get from drinking it might be nice, but as the calcium hits your stomach, it will produce more acid.

If your sweet-tooth is talking to you at night, it’s a good idea to avoid chocolate.  It contains a combination of ingredients like caffeine, cocoa, and fat – all of which can contribute to heartburn and acid reflux.

While wine and alcohol are popular choices to help you relax, it’s counter-productive if it makes any sleeping an uncomfortable experience.  Alcohol can be a contributor to heartburn and acid reflux.

Leftovers are a popular choice for a late night snack – especially cold pizza.  However, any tomato-based products are foods that are likely to give you heartburn.  They are known for producing plenty of gastric acid. Plus, it’s only going to make things worse if that pizza includes other heartburn-inducing ingredients like onions and garlic.

While these are a handful of foods that can make it a rough night, it’s important to understand that consuming anything before sleep is likely to cause problems.  The moment you lie flat, it becomes harder for your stomach to keep acid down.

If you find that acid reflux and heartburn are giving you continuous problems at night, it might be best to seek some professional medical assistance.  Dr. Elias Darido and his staff at Houston Heartburn are always ready to help.