Mid Afternoon Snacks for Heartburn Sufferers

Mid Afternoon Snacks for Heartburn Sufferers

We all know the all too familiar feeling of a sudden craving or hunger pang in the afternoon, even after we’ve eaten our lunch. Some may go for the candy bowl, which you will find out wasn’t the best of ideas come 5pm! For those with heartburn, however, it is trickier. The last thing you want is heartburn during the day at work.

The mid afternoon snack is similar to the mid morning snack; keeping something in your stomach to prevent triggering a flare up. Let’s take a look at some heartburn friendly mid afternoon snacks:


  • Slice a small piece of fruit and dip into some non-fat yogurt, a healthy, refreshing snack to keep you going until the end of your work day.
  • Jell-O. As Jell-O is artificially flavored, the citrus may not affect your heartburn flare up. There are also sugar free versions, helping you eliminate calories.
  • Ready-made fat free puddings also come in a fat free, sugar-free option. This will satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping up your energy.
  • Vegetables, such as carrots and cucumbers, dipped in low-fat yogurt.
  • If you had a sandwich for lunch, you could save half of it and eat the rest as your mid afternoon snack.

If you find yourself suffering from heartburn, whether it’s when you wake up, after lunch or at night time, make an appointment with Houston Heartburn today and start to take control of you heartburn now.