LINX Surgery and Pregnancy

LINX Surgery and Pregnancy

“Grace from Houston sent us this question: “Has the LINX procedure had any studies regarding pregnancy. I will be undergoing this procedure, but I am planning to become pregnant a few months after. With my first child my GERD became much worse and had continued after the pregnancy so much that I was not able to eat anything at times and PPIs didn’t help. It seems it would be unlikely to have a 2nd pregnancy without some intervention due to the importance of being able to eat and consume additional calories. Any information would be helpful. Thank you”

Dear Grace,

I am not aware of studies evaluating the efficacy, safety and durability of LINX device during and following pregnancy. Patients who undergo LINX surgery can vomit following LINX device placement. LINX may therefore be advantageous during pregnancy. LINX, however, has limited efficacy in stopping acid reflux and controlling symptoms, particularly in cases of severe GERD. A more reliable solution for severe acid reflux is Nissen fundoplication. A properly performed Nissen fundoplication along with hiatal hernia repair in patients with confirmed acid reflux disease has more than 99% success rate and less than 1% complication rate.

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