Is Thanksgiving Synonymous with Heartburn for You?

Is Thanksgiving Synonymous with Heartburn for You?

Is Thanksgiving Synonymous with Heartburn for You?

Thanksgiving meal is the ultimate challenge for acid reflux patients. It is big, heavy and rich in an endless array of heartburn trigger foods. If you have a hiatal hernia and weak lower esophageal sphincter you are not likely to survive Thanksgiving without a major heartburn attack. What can you do?

First, eat a small meal. Easier said than done especially on Thanksgiving Day. However, large meals stretch the stomach and weaken the anti-reflux valve leading to acid and gastric content reflux into the esophagus. Make an effort to eat multiple small portions throughout the day instead of one large meal at night to avoid heartburn and food regurgitation.

Second, avoid fat rich meals like gravy. Look for alternatives and fill up on white turkey meat, green beans, carrots, corn and multigrain bread.

Third, avoid spicy food items. Spicy food item like hot Tamales are particularly common on Thanksgiving in Houston, TX.

Fourth, cut down on alcohol and coffee consumption on November 22. Both coffee and alcohol relax the lower esophageal sphincter. In the setting of a Thanksgiving dinner, you are most likely to develop heartburn if you drink coffee and consume alcoholic beverages.

Last but not least, get evaluated by a reflux and heartburn specialist in Houston. There is no need for you to live like this year after year. There are many safe and effective solutions for acid reflux. Get treated so that next year you may celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends without heartburn on the menu.