How to Control Your Heartburn with Portion Control

When you feel heartburn coming on, you may think “not this again” or “what did I eat to cause this?” However it may not be entirely what you are eating, but how and how much you are eating. According to, overeating is one of the top triggers for heartburn, which is where the concept of portion control comes into play.

Portion control is centered on understanding a portion size of food, and how many calories a serving of food contains. The Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) can become damaged over time due to overeating. The LES’s primary function is to keep stomach contents in the stomach. When the LES functions normally and is healthy, it stops acids moving from the stomach into the throat. However, when we overeat, the LES weakens. The larger the meal, the more the stomach stretches, causing excess pressure on the LES. This makes it harder for the LES to function correctly, possibly resulting in acid reflux.


Eating five meals a day, rather than the standard three meals a day, will help to ease your heartburn. This method will help you overcome your hunger pangs between meals and to control the amount of food you eat. Here are some ways to adjust your portion control:

Eat slowly: many of us eat too quickly, or without even thinking. You are more likely to enjoy your food if you savor each bite. Putting your silverware down between each bite is another good idea to slow yourself down. Your stomach will have enough time to send messages to your brain, telling it you are full.

Eat at home to begin with: you have more control with your portions if you initially eat at home. It can be difficult to understand a portion size at a restaurant or at a friend’s house, and how many calories are in your meal.

Eat first thing in the morning: this will help with your energy levels and will keep your blood sugar levels more stable.

Try not to focus only on your meal: making conversation with others at the dining table will make you more relaxed, slowing down your eating.

Schedule your eating: tracking when you eat is very important to avoid unnecessary snacking and overeating at the end of the day. When you switch to eating five meals a day, eat every three hours.


Portion control will help you to feel better, not only about how much you eat, but also your health. You may see less heartburn and even lose weight too!

If you have been watching your portion size, when you eat, what you eat, but nothing is letting up, come see Dr. Darido at Houston Heartburn. Schedule an appointment today.