Heartburn Treatment Options in Houston

Heartburn Treatment Options in Houston

Question of the week from Grace in Houston: I have been on heartburn medications for 19 years since my gallbladder surgery in 2000. What else can help control my GERD?

Dear Grace,

Heartburn pills are neither the most effective nor the only treatment option for GERD. Indeed, heartburn pills only mask symptoms of acid reflux rather than stopping reflux. In addition, long-term use of certain heartburn pills is associated with serious side effects.

Consequently, if you have been taken heartburn medications for the past 19 years of your life you ought to be evaluated by a reflux specialist. Effective acid reflux treatment starts with proper GERD diagnosis and staging. Treatment is subsequently tailored to your GERD stage. “One pill does not fit all” is a principle we strongly believe in at Houston Heartburn and Reflux Center.

Stage 3 and 4 GERD patients are better served with anti-reflux surgery that restores the anti-reflux barrier. Once you restore an effective barrier against acid reflux, you eliminate GERD symptoms, improve your quality of life and stop your dependency on heartburn medications. Most importantly you will stop acid reflux disease progression and significantly decrease your chances of developing esophageal cancer.

Hiatal hernia repair with Nissen fundoplication is the most reliable acid reflux surgery. When properly performed the procedure has a very high effectiveness and safety rate.