Does Acid Reflux Develop Suddenly?

Does Acid Reflux Develop Suddenly?

Does Acid Reflux Develop Suddenly?

Pam from Houston Sent us this question: “These acid reflux symptoms came over me suddenly. I am slim and eat very healthy. Never have digestion issues. 🤔

I am seeing a Chiropractor for adjustments for a spinal compression injury, which has finally taken its toll (6 months later). Sciatica/Piriformis pain.

Two nights ago, pain was so relentless I took severe measures: stacking pillows high under my ankles to butt, with head lying down lower on a small neck pillow.

Next day:  Sour taste in mouth, burning, nauseated feeling from throat to stomach and sharp pain from middle of back to stomach. Swallowing difficulty. Just feel like I need to throw up.

Dear Pam:

Acid reflux is a chronic and progressive disease. GERD symptoms start mild and barely noticeable. Initially, you may feel some heartburn after a heavy or spicy meal. You may experience occasional food regurgitation when bending over or when sleeping at night. With time, however, symptoms like heartburn, cough, sore throat and food regurgitation increase in intensity and frequency. GERD symptoms become independent of food intake. At this stage, you may develop heartburn just by drinking water or without eating anything.

Weight gain is a risk factor for acid reflux. However, the main underlying cause of acid reflux disease is a weak anti-reflux barrier. Several tests are available to check the integrity of your anti-reflux barrier. Proper evaluation and testing are crucial to effectively treat acid reflux disease. Hiatal hernia repair and Nissen fundoplication surgery are typically performed to restore the acid reflux barrier and reliably stop acid reflux. Surgery is performed through tiny incisions in an outpatient setting. GERD related symptoms resolve immediately following surgery. Swallowing slowly improves as inflammation resolves and esophagus regains its contractile functions.