Are Proton-Pump Inhibitors Associated with Increased COVID-19 Risk?

Are Proton-Pump Inhibitors Associated with Increased COVID-19 Risk

Are Proton-Pump Inhibitors Associated with Increased COVID-19 Risk?

Almario et al recently published an online survey in the New England Journal of Medicine, NEJM, that suggests a dose-dependent association between PPI use and risk for testing positive for COVID-19.

“In a population-based online survey conducted in the U.S. in May and June 2020, 53,130 adults noted ever having upper GI symptoms. Among them, 3386 (6.4%) reported having received a positive COVID-19 test. A regression model found an odds ratio of 2.15 for having a positive COVID-19 test in those on once-daily PPIs and an odds ratio of 3.67 with twice-daily use. No such relationship was found with histamine-2 receptor antagonist use. All reasonable statistical methods were used to control for confounding factors.”

Proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) are the most commonly prescribed medication for treatment of acid reflux. PPIs are also available over the counter. Thousands of patients in Houston use PPIs daily to control heartburn. Many acid reflux patients on daily PPI use have never been evaluated by an acid reflux specialist. Multiple studies published in the past several years show associations with increased risks for both infectious and noninfectious conditions, particularly when taken at higher-than-indicated dosages. This is the first report of an increased risk for COVID-19 test positivity in PPI users.

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