Are You Taking Omeprazole after Nissen fundoplication?

Stress and Heartburn

Are You Taking Omeprazole after Nissen fundoplication?

Jonah from Houston sent us this question: “I had Nissen fundoplication in 2014 and was told no heartburn meds. All they ever say is take omeprazole. I have an EGD every year. One report said loose wrap. The next couple said no not loose. My EGD shows antral ulcer. Very red congested mucosa. I don’t know where to go next, my gastro says it is my anxiety, but I am in constant burning, nausea, throat clearing, stomach pain. Am I crazy? Yes, I have stress. Is there help for this?”

Dear Jonah,

I understand your frustration. Acid reflux treatment in Houston, has unfortunately been reduced to an Omeprazole pill. At Houston Heartburn and Reflux Center we instruct our patients to follow up with our specialists for any recurrent acid reflux symptom after Nissen fundoplication. We insist that they get back to us for proper evaluation and workup to avoid what you are going through.

A properly performed Nissen fundoplication is the most reliable and durable treatment for acid reflux disease. Nissen fundoplication eliminates all acid reflux related symptoms like heartburn and food regurgitation. Heartburn, the most common symptom of acid reflux disease, is however, not diagnostic of acid reflux. In other words, you may feel heartburn without necessarily having acid reflux.

Proper evaluation, especially after Nissen fundoplication, is crucial to rule in or rule out acid reflux. Ambulatory pH testing is always added to upper endoscopy to evaluate heartburn after Nissen fundoplication. Upper endoscopy must be performed by an acid reflux specialist who performs Nissen fundoplication surgery on routine basis. Gastroenterologists have no role in evaluating acid reflux related symptoms following Nissen fundoplication.

I don’t think you are crazy. On the contrary, you are frustrated by a debilitating symptom that greatly affects your quality of life. Proper evaluation by an expert acid reflux specialist in Houston is the answer to all your questions. At Houston Heartburn and Acid Reflux center, we offer state-of-the-art acid reflux testing. Our experts will help you effectively and expeditiously solve the problem. Give us a call at 832-945-8717.