Late Complications of LINX Device for Heartburn Treatment

Late Complications of LINX Device for Heartburn Treatment

Barbara from Cypress sent us this question: “I have chest pain, sore throat, a little food coming up in my throat. I’m miserable. What can my doctor do? I had the LINX surgery for 4 years ago”

Dear Barbara,

Several LINX device related late complications have been reported in the literature. These include LINX erosion, LINX migration into the chest with or without recurrent hiatal hernia and pseudo-achalasia. Evaluation starts with upper endoscopy with possible pH bravo capsule placement to measure esophageal acid exposure. UGI contrast study may be added along with esophageal manometry to study esophageal motility and lower esophageal sphincter pressure.

Once your acid reflux specialist has completed this work up, a treatment plan can be tailored to suit your condition. LINX erosion necessitates LINX device removal. LINX migration along with recurrent hiatal hernia repair is typically treated with redo hiatal hernia repair and preferably LINX device removal and conversion to Nissen fundoplication. Pseudo-achalasia requires LINX device removal, lysis of adhesions and partial fundoplication.

There is no need to be miserable. Contact Houston acid reflux specialists and get your problem resolved today.