Does LINX Surgery Cause Bloating and Fullness?

Does LINX Surgery Cause Bloating and Fullness?

Dana from Houston sent us this question: “I had a LINX put in June 2020 and I think it cleared the acid reflux but I have been getting progressively uncomfortable with severe bloating, gas and feeling of fullness. If I would have it removed will everything go back to normal? Thank you.”

Dear Dana,

Bloating, fullness, and excessive burping are common acid reflux symptoms. Bloating and fullness are also common gastroparesis or delayed gastric emptying symptoms. During Linx surgery, the vagus nerve may be accidentally cut resulting in gastroparesis. Gastroparesis symptoms may also include heartburn, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain after eating. Gastroparesis diagnosis is confirmed by gastric emptying study.

I recommend you get evaluated by a competent acid reflux specialist in Houston. Your workup may include upper endoscopy, ambulatory pH testing and gastric emptying study. If you have gastroparesis, Linx device removal by itself is not enough to alleviate your symptoms. At Houston Heartburn and Reflux Center we recommend a tailored longitudinal gastrectomy to promote gastric emptying and alleviate gastroparesis related symptoms. If you continue to suffer from acid reflux after Linx surgery, Linx removal and conversion to Nissen fundoplication is recommended.

If you don’t have gastroparesis and your acid reflux is controlled with Linx surgery, I don’t recommend Linx removal. Constipation, IBS, food insensitivity, bacterial overgrowth… are associated with bloating and gas. Evaluation along those lines is recommended.