Difficulty Swallowing with LINX Surgery for Heartburn

Difficulty Swallowing with LINX Surgery for Heartburn

Barb from Houston sent us this question: “I had Linx surgery about 9 weeks ago. Yesterday I ate good up to 2:00pm. Then I was not able to swallow. Now today is Sunday and I have the same problem. Able to eat Ritz’s crackers but drinking or eating a meal won’t go down. Will this clear up?

Dear Barb,

Dysphagia or difficulty swallowing after LINX surgery is a common problem. It is one of the many reasons I don’t offer LINX surgery. I offer Nissen fundoplication surgery as the most reliable treatment for GERD. At Houston Heartburn and Reflux Center, our post Nissen fundoplication dysphagia rate is less than 1%

Dysphagia 2 months after LINX placement may not resolve by itself. I strongly recommend you call your surgeon and schedule a consultation. Upper endoscopy with balloon dilation may be required to break down scar tissue formation around LINX device. Excessive scar tissue formation narrows the esophagus and causes dysphagia. Other causes of dysphagia include food impaction, esophageal dysmotility, recurrent hiatal hernia and LINX device displacement into the chest.

At Houston Heartburn and reflux Center, we advise our patients to contact our center for any question or concern at any point in time after Nissen fundoplication surgery. Prompt expert advice help GERD patients avoid complications after reflux surgery.